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datatype class %Library.Status


The %Status data type class is used to represent an error status code.

Many of the methods provided by the Caché Class Library return error status information using the %Status data type. The include file, %occStatus.INC, contains several macro definitions that are useful in testing the value of an error code in %Status format.

These macros include:

You can get a more detailed description of an error by using the system-provided DecomposeStatus^%apiOBJ(status:%Status,&err,flag) routine.

This routine takes a status code and returns an array of error strings.

For example:

Set status=obj.%Save() If $$$ISERR(status) Do DecomposeStatus^%apiOBJ(status,.err,"-d") For i=1:1:err Write err(i),!

A method returning a %Status code representing an error will throw an exception in a client Visual Basic (ActiveX) or Java application.


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LogicalToOdbc LogicalToXSD XSDToLogical


• parameter XSDTYPE = "base64Binary";
Declares the XSD type used when projecting XML Schemas.


• classmethod LogicalToOdbc(%val="") as %String
Converts the value of this data type from $List format to a delimited string using the value of the ODBCDELIMITER parameter as a delimiter.
• classmethod LogicalToXSD(%val As %Binary) as %String
Converts the Cache %Binary value to the SOAP base64 encoded value.
• classmethod XSDToLogical(%val As %String) as %Binary
Converts the SOAP encoded base64 input value to a Cache value.