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Cleaners - Heavy duty

The Powerful, yet biodegradable solution to remove grease and dirt.

This versatile degreaser is suitable for various materials, such as mechanical components, metals, chains, sprockets, and even car alloys.
It serves as an excellent and user-friendly substitute for traditional solventbased degreasers and cleaners.

Where to use?

Bicycle drivetrain: Revitalize your bicycle chain, cassette, and derailleurs by combating accumulated grime, old lubricant, wax residues, and stubborn grease.

Car Rim Restoration: Shine up your car rims with Bio Degreaser, effectively removing all road grime and brake dust for a polished finish.

Engine Compartment Care: Maintain your engine with Bio Degreaser, ensuring a clean and efficient engine compartment by effectively removing oil leaks and greasy accumulations.

Home and Garden Tool Revitalization: Effortlessly remove stubborn dirt and grease from a wide range of tools and equipment around your home and garage. From garden tools to generator casings, Bio Degreaser keeps your gear in top condition.

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Aerosol 33438-AA


BIO DEGREASER 6x400 ML sv,fi,da,no  >>> IDS


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