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High performance
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Reduced environmental impact

Green Force® is a sustainable* initiative bringing together products that meet the growing customer need for reducing environmental impact and improving user safety, while delivering the premium quality and the high performance that customers expect from CRC.

Green Force products have been tested to comply with strict scientific criteria that provide users full confidence and transparency that there is no "green-washing", only verifiable, evidence-based product selection.

Green Force products are easily identified by their on-pack emblem. CRC will continue to innovate and grow the Green Force portfolio through new products and reformulations to meet future customer requirements and environmental compliance.

* Reducing environmental impact through verifiable criteria.

"Greener" products without performance compromise.
Innovation to help customers meet sustainability goals.
Enhanced user safety through reduced and low-hazardous formulation compositions.
Commitment to grow offering across numerous industries and product categories.
Increased customer convenience through clear, environmentally-aligned product differantiation.
Evidence-based, scientific criteria-lead product compliance that generates user trust.
Terminology Description/User benefit
Biodegradable formula
(OECD A-F >60%[i])
The ability of a formula to be transformed by microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water. Levels of biodegradability according to OECD301A-F are: "Readily" >60% of a formula is converted within 28-days. "Inherently", a lower level, is between >20% and 60% within 28-days. All Green Force products meet the higher-level, environmentally preferable "Readily Biodegradable" status.
Water-based formula
(>50% water)
Replacing traditional solvents with water-based formulations typically create products that are safer in use with reduced environmental impact.
Renewable material or Bio-based
Renewable materials are natural resources that can be replenished, with minimal environmental impact. A material using substances from living organisms is referred to as a bio-based material.
Low or no VOC formula
(<10% VOC)
VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds. Reducing VOC's contribute to improved health and air quality, most noticeably by reducing odour and fumes in use.
Low Global Warming Potential
(GWP <10)
GWP is an industry recognised measure of the calculated impact of a product on global warming. The benchmark reference is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with a score of 1. The score allows users and specifiers to consider the environmental impact of the products they are using.
No halogenated compounds Halogenated compounds are highly reactive chemicals including chlorine & iodine. Reducing the use of halogenated compounds not only dramatically reduces the potential long-term environmental impact from by-products but also eliminates the risk of harm through repeated exposure and cumulative health impacts.
No substances of very high concern
As per Reach regulations, substances of very high concern (SVHCs) are legally recognized chemicals known to pose significant and serious health risks to people. In the context of PFAS, SVHCs may also be categorized as ‘forever chemicals,’ exerting a long-term cumulative impact on the environment.
Phosphate free (cleaners) Phosphates are used in cleaners to condition water and improve performance. Too much phosphate can be toxic to aquatic life so eliminating it from Green Force products eliminates the risk of water quality degradation.
Non-toxic to aquatic life
(No GHS09 & or H412)
The GHS/CLP Regulations define certain compounds as harmful to aquatic life under GHS09 and H112 warnings. These compounds can interfere with living organism life-cycles so removing these compounds from a formulation minimises environmental impact.

[i] OECD (2002), Detailed Review Paper on Biodegradability Testing, OECD Series on Testing and Assessment, No. 2, OECD Publishing, Paris,


Cleaners - Heavy duty
Brakleen H2O
Water based brake parts cleaner

Cleaners - Heavy duty
Brakleen VOC Free
Safe Brake Parts Degreaser

Cleaners - Water Based
ECO Complex Blue
Non-flammable, water-based cleaner for heavy contaminants in food processing areas (NSF A1 registered)

Cleaners - Water Based
ECO Foam Cleaner
Non-flammable, slow drying water based cleaner, suitable for removing heavy contaminants in vertical applications in food processing areas.

Cleaners - Water Based
Water based, powerful degreaser, NSF approved

5-56 BIO
High performance biodegradable multifunctional oil for lubrication, release, corrosion protection, water displacement, cleaning and much more

ECO Supercut
Biodegradable cutting oil.

ECO Leak Finder
Allows detecting leaks in gas conducts and installations.

Welding Products
ECO Bio Weld
Non-flammable water based anti spatter, ideal when galvanising will be performed afterwards.

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