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CRC Europe launches Evapo-Rust, thé super safe rust remover.
Evapo-Rust® is a non-toxic rust remover for fast and effective restoration. The award-winning formula is specifically designed to remove rust, with no scrubbing or sanding required. It is safe, simple, and easy to use. No need for mixing, the solution is ready to use.
Features :
• Non-toxic, non-caustic & non-corrosive
• Powerful heavy-duty formula for even the toughest rust
• Reusable with long lasting efficacy
• No fumes or bad odours, non-flammable, no VOC's
• Will not harm unrusted steel, safe on other metals
• Will not affect plastic, PVC, Viton and non-oxide-based paints
• Readily Biodegradable according to OECD 301B
Applications :
• Automotive parts, Hardware, Rusty tools, Restoration, Metal working, Manufacturing & Machinery, Equipment and a lot more
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CRC SMARTWASHER Announces 2 new OzzyJuices:
CRC Smartwasher first to release new Bioremediation products in Europe in 5 years.
- SW-4 Heavy Duty Degreaser, the new all-rounder OzzyJuice.
- SW-X1 the range topper for cleaning the toughest contamination, offering the best customer experience available on the market.
Available now!
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CRC Wipes Clean & Protect: NSF approved, Multi-surface
New CRC Wipes Clean & Protect: Leaves the surfaces cleaned and highly protected against contaminants re-accumulation. Easy to use and NSF approved for use in the Food processing Industry.
Available in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Benelux and Italy. Ref. 33381.
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CRC Wipes All-in-1: NSF, Disinfectant
New CRC Wipes All-in-one: Clean, desinfect and protect the surface in one go.
Leaves the surfaces cleaned, free of bacteria and viruses and highly protected against contaminants re-accumulation.
Available in Scandinavia, France, Germany and Austria. Ref. 33380.
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Clean oxides and scale + care for the surface-Ferrokleen
CRC has developed a water-based product for the removal of all types of oxides, limescale, algae, stains, oils, tar and others. Ideal for removing large rust stains from all outdoor steel surfaces whist respecting the surface integrity. Ferrokleen’s foaming formulation enhances contact with the surface and is economical in use.

CRC Professional Cleaner
CRC Professional Cleaner is a multi-functional cleaner and degreaser for all departments with fast results. It removes grease, oil, lubricants, tar, adhesives and more in no time.

CRC Industries Acquires Evapo-Rust® Brand
CRC Industries Acquires Evapo-Rust® Brand from
Harris International Laboratories.
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